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                日期:2023-07-16   來源:http://www.amxspa.com/
                1. Before operation, an inspection should be conducted to confirm that everything is complete and in good condition, and there are no obstacles or other personnel within the movement range of the boom and bucket. The operation can only be carried out after the horn is sounded as a warning.
                2. The exposed transmission parts inside and outside the excavator cab must be equipped with protective covers.
                3. Electric single bucket excavators must be well grounded, and the oil circuit and oil cylinder of the hydraulic transmission arm must be confirmed to be intact.
                4、正鏟作業時,作業面應不超過本機性能規定的.大開挖高度和深度。在拉鏟或反鏟作業時,挖掘機履帶或輪胎與作業面邊緣距離不得小于 1.5m。
                4. When working with a shovel, the working surface should not exceed the maximum excavation height and depth specified by the machine's performance. During shovel or backhoe operations, the distance between the excavator track or tire and the edge of the working surface shall not be less than 1.5m.
                5. Excavators working on flat ground should use brakes to brake and wedge the tracks (or tires) firmly.
                6、挖掘機適用于在粘土、沙礫土、泥炭巖等土壤的鏟挖作業。對爆破掘松后的重巖石內鏟挖作業時,只允許用正鏟,巖石料徑應小于斗口寬的 1/2。禁止用挖掘機的任何部位去破碎石塊、凍土等。
                6. Excavators are suitable for digging in soil such as clay, gravel, and peat. When excavating heavy rocks after blasting, only a front shovel is allowed, and the rock material diameter should be less than 1/2 of the bucket width. It is prohibited to use any part of the excavator to break stones, frozen soil, etc.
                7. There shall be no obstacles for soil borrowing and unloading, and no one shall stay within the Radius of gyration of bucket operation during excavation. When loading, it is necessary to wait for the transport vehicle to come to a stable stop before proceeding. The bucket should be lowered as much as possible and should not collide with the vehicle. It is strictly prohibited to have people inside the vehicle compartment and the bucket should not pass over the top of the car cab. When unloading soil, the bucket should be lowered as much as possible, but it should not hit any part of the car.
                8. When walking, the arm should be parallel to the track and the rotating mechanism should be braked. The bucket should be 1 meter above the ground. The walking slope shall not exceed the mechanical permission. For large slopes, slow down when going downhill, and neutral sliding is strictly prohibited. The turning should not be too sharp, and when passing through soft ground, it should be reinforced with bedding.
                9. When braking the excavator during rotation, the rotation brake should be used instead of the steering clutch
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